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A review of what Barry has done to the Middle East is truly horrifying:

And what’s happening now? We have an expanding muslim (wannabe worldwide) caliphate, and a wide open Southern Border.

So, I ask you, will America be the first country to die of stupidity?
I wonder…I really wonder.

Courageous, intelligent words from Lieutenant Colonel Allen West:

Sorry, but I can only explain this one way: Barack Hussein Obama is an Islamist in his foreign policy perspectives and supports their cause. You can go back and listen to his 2009 speech in Cairo, where Muslim Brotherhood associates were seated front and center.

All the circumstantial and anecdotal evidence points to that conclusion. The pivot away from the Middle East seems to be nothing more than an opportunity to enable Islamists and their goals.

Saratoga Tees

We have a ‘president’ who is systematically overthrowing governments in the Middle East while propping up islamic dictators. Truly, the United States has been overthrown…

The ‘president’ waives a law which strictly prohibits the arming of terrorists…so he can ‘legally’ do just that. The administration claims that they will ‘vet’ the jihadists (which means the administration will open up a command and control operation in complete contact and coordination with the Islamists).
This is bold-faced TREASON.

And this is probably why we are not allowed to see the White House visitor list.

It is our house, BTW. And we should be allowed to know who has been there.

Denial ain’t just a river in Egypt, America.

Is it dawning on you yet, America? How much more misery and destructive ‘change’ can you endure?

This sociopath should have been impeached months ago.

And as far as being drawn into a jihad: even the U.N. says that Al Qaeda rebels used the chemical weapons…NOT ASSAD. But the U.S. ‘president’ let the rebels know months ago what it would take for western reinforcements to arrive – the use of chemical weapons. So that’s what they did.

I wonder if our super compliant media and representatives will continue down the path to WW3 with this treasonous man and his lawless cohorts?

Time will tell…


There are plenty of past news reports about rebels gaining access to chemical weapons factories, including videos of them using chemical agents.

Former war crimes prosecutor Carla del Ponte, an independent UN investigator into allegations of war crimes in Syria, said that evidence had been found that rebels had used the nerve agent sarin:

‘I have seen that there are concrete suspicions if not irrefutable proof that there has been use of sarin gas.’

There is absolutely no reason why Assad would have used chemical weapons on his people. NONE. He was winning, while the jihadists were losing miserably. Now president Mohamma is ready to come to the defense of the jihadists, the muslim brotherhood and Al Qaeda by getting involved in Syria. This is another con, much like his presidency, only this one just may usher in WW3. Many of us warned that this man should have been impeached. But now his actions are threatening to cause all hell to break loose on earth. The U.S. ‘president’ is literally building a muslim caliphate in the Middle East which is moving like a wave in the direction of Israel.

And if Americans think Russia and China are going to twiddle their thumbs while this one goes down, I feel they’ll be sorely mistaken.

Now look at this declaration on Syria from Secretary of State John Kerry and think about ABORTION (especially the chemical ones that burn babies to death in the womb):

What God Almighty has to say about hypocrites:

For the congregation of the hypocrite is barren, and fire shall devour their tabernacles, who love to take bribes.

- Job 15:34


Pure savagery from the ‘religion’ of pieces….

Mohama’s main stream media is doing his bidding (as usual) by perpetuating the ‘peaceful, muslim brotherhood protest’ fable. But Ralph Peters isn’t peddling that propaganda:

In full outrage mode, America’s most famous windsurfer castigated the Egyptian authorities, insisting that the Muslim Brotherhood had a right to “peaceful protests.” Apparently, “peaceful” means armed with Kalashnikovs, killing policemen, kidnapping and torturing opponents, turning mosques into prisons, attacking Christians and burning Coptic churches.

- Ralph Peters
NY Post columnist