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I just wonder if it’s our time to be tested. We are the youngest nation on earth. Every other nation has been through various torments, invasions and revolutions. Perhaps this is satan’s last attempt to enslave a people. That being said, our greatest weapon now will be prayer and adherence to the rights and Constitution which our country was founded upon, even if only a handful of government officials act lawfully.

Apparently, John Kerry met with the Iranian foreign minister today in New York. It was described as a sideline U.N. meeting.
I was kind of shocked when I noticed what appeared to be a sort of inverted, inside out swastika pattern on the wall behind them.


A closer look:


And on Kerry’s personal ties to Iran…

Well, it looks like Israel will have only one reliable ally soon: Almighty God, as was prophesied…

Here’s a great article on how to hear God speak to us. Really, such a grace can only happen in prayerful, peaceful and quiet moments which are so rare in this technological, often impersonal world. But those graces should be pursued as prayer and Christian meditation will be our foundation in building up, while fascists tear down.

Some dire points are made here:

As our liberty is continually being crushed by the ‘abortion president,’ a Senator named Ted Cruz fights for Americans in Washington, DC.


Rafael Edward “Ted” Cruz was born December 22, 1970, 2 years and one month before baby killing was legalized in this country. The name Rafael in Hebrew means ‘God heals.’ Edward means ‘wealth guardian’ and Cruz means ‘cross.’

Interesting it is that this potential healthcare train wreck threatens the fiscal future of the United States and its people (wealth guardian?). The senator’s goal is to defund ‘obamacare,’ a plan that will result in denial of treatments for a generation known as ‘the baby boomers’ in the United States.

The very title of this legislation ‘obamacare’ is yet another lie: he obviously doesn’t care about the United States or its people. However, the ‘abortion president’ does care about jihadists and those who are sworn enemies of this country! He has proven this over and over; most recently by waiving a law that prohibits giving weapons to terrorist groups. His administration is now arming Al Qaeda and Al Nusra jihadists while Christians are relentlessly being slaughtered throughout the Middle East.

He is not stupid. This ‘president’ is succeeding beyond his wildest dreams. He has links to the muslim brotherhood, whose stated goal is to undermine and destroy the United States from within. If this horrendous ‘law’ isn’t derailed, every American will suffer and our country will continue its trajectory away from the God Who heals, His holy cross and any blessings of prosperity once connected with this weary land.

PS: Senator Mike Lee is speaking now against ‘obamacare.’ The name Michael means ‘who resembles God?’
The name Lee means ‘healer.’

We know Who heals and it’s not this ‘president.’

This time with IRAN (Valerie Jarrett’s home country, BTW).

Obama and Khamenei have been exchanging secret messages through Sultan Qaboos bin Said Al Said of Oman, who visited Tehran in the last week of August and conferred with both Khameini and Rouhani.


And please contact the republicans who are in the fence (see list on above link). Tell them – no more republican contributions if this is allowed to pass.

The ‘president’ waives a law which strictly prohibits the arming of terrorists…so he can ‘legally’ do just that. The administration claims that they will ‘vet’ the jihadists (which means the administration will open up a command and control operation in complete contact and coordination with the Islamists).
This is bold-faced TREASON.

According to one woman to whom the Blessed Mother allegedly appeared, Mary would say, “the heavens cry” after great floods or “the earth trembles” after earthquakes. The Blessed Viirgin would often add the phrase “because of the great amount of sin…”

Rains described as “Biblical” eighty days after court rules on a ‘transgender’ 6 year old.

And it was also 11 weeks. In Scripture, 11 signifies degeneration and disorder.

Islam is pure evil. And we’d better realize the rising threat very soon.
This means coming to grips with the fact that our federal government has been infiltrated by those who seek the destruction of our country and worldwide submission to Islam.

Former muslim terrorist explains islam and the end times: