Was the Kentucky Derby a prophetic reminder of Our Lady of Fatima and the ‘end times?’

Posted: May 5, 2013 in prophecy, Virgin Mary apparitions, war
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Could God have arranged some prophetic coincidences in an event referred to as the most exciting 2 minutes in sports?

And could the fact that the Virgin Mary appeared in Fatima, Portugal, on the 13th of every month somehow point to the year 2013?

The Kentucky Derby took place on the first Saturday of the month of May. First Saturdays are traditionally dedicated to the Blessed Mother as is the entire month of May.

Let’s continue with some facts and figures about the race itself, while I play random association at the same time. The foundation of my thesis is that God often uses names, numbers and every day events to remind us of Him, or in this case an ominous, Church approved apparition of His Mother.

In an interesting aside, the Pope has made clear his intention to dedicate his pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima. It was announced last month and will be carried out by Bishops in Fatima on the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima – May 13th.

So on May 4th, nine days prior (in ‘novena’ time), number 16 wins the Kentucky Derby (the Fatima apparitions actually started in 1916). The jockey’s name is Joel Rosario (that’s ‘rosary’ in Spanish). During her apparitions, Mary appeared under the title of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Rosario was riding a horse named ‘Orb.’

‘Orb’ meaning:
1. (History / Heraldry) (in royal regalia) an ornamental sphere surmounted by a cross
2. a sphere; globe
3. Poetic; another word for eye
4. a celestial body, esp the earth or sun
5. the orbit of a celestial body
6. an archaic word for circle
7. (tr) an archaic word for encircle
[from Latin orbis circle, disc]

Many of Our Lady’s appearances are accompanied by doves and orbs of light…back to that in a moment. The Mother of God also appeared in France to Saint Catherine Laboure while holding an orb (a globe with a cross on the top).

Now back to the race…

The second and third finishers were ‘Golden Soul’ and ‘Revolutionary’ (Our Lady of Fatima also warned about the future 1917 communist revolution in Russia). And she, of course, could definitely be called the golden soul.

Finishing last was ‘Skyfall.’ His starting post position was 13. The last apparition at Fatima included the Holy Family and ended with the Miracle of the Sun on October 13, 1917. Approximately 70,000 people witnessed the sun as a spinning orb, seeming to ‘fall from the sky.’

Also recall that Portugal was conquered for a time by the muslim moors and drawn into an islamic caliphate before finally being won back by Christians.

Finally, the derby field was muddy due to rain earlier in the day (the final apparition at Fatima took place on muddy ground due to an earlier storm. However, after the sun miracle, the ground was completely dry).

And did anyone else think of the following Scripture when they saw the muddy horses at the end of the race?

And another angel came out from the altar, who had power over fire; and he cried with a loud voice to him that had the sharp sickle, saying: Thrust in thy sharp sickle, and gather the clusters of the vineyard of the earth; because the grapes thereof are ripe. And the angel thrust in his sharp sickle into the earth, and gathered the vineyard of the earth, and cast it into the great press of the wrath of God: And the press was trodden without the city, and blood came out of the press, up to the horses’ bridles, for a thousand and six hundred furlongs.

~ Apocalypse 14:18-20


In the past, many people assumed this imagery meant there would be so much blood in one area of an apocalyptic, end times battle, that horses would literally be wading in it. Actually, the effect was achieved during the race. The mud was up to the horses’ bridles due to the splattering action during their run.

Finally, the winning jockey’s first name was Joel. Most of the Book of Joel is full throttle, apocalyptic Scripture. While the entire book only amounts to about 4 pages, it is a riveting and perhaps very timely read.

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  1. I am thrilled @ your post. This also struck me as the Lord speaking through ‘words’ & ‘parables’.
    “prophetic coincidences” INDEED!!

  2. Joel 2:13 “Return to the Lord your God, for he is gracious and merciful, slow to anger, and abounding in steadfast love, and relents from punishing.”


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