For anyone who STILL believes that these two individuals are in any way on the side of the United States, this should finally PROVE otherwise:

And I’m sure the arab media covered this story well, even if the alphabet channels didn’t.

A look at some of the amazing work done following the 9/11 attack. In this case, the work is done by a beautiful gift from God. How sad that some spiritually ill people consider such a wonderful creature to be ‘unclean.’

Thank you both:

I didn’t post anything about how the symmetrical drapes set up behind Barry reminded me of a pharaoh-esque frame for his head. I thought that was a bit of stretch.

But look at this view of president malfeasance (AKA ‘the abortion president’) -


A closer view:


And this is the higher angle view that everyone watching on TV saw:


So – to be clear – the strategy to defeat ISIS is to arm more of the same “rebels” that ultimately split off and became, well, ISIS?

Can you believe our United States government puts up with this madness? Perhaps a good portion of high-level officials in our Federal Government are under some form of hypnosis, or either being blackmailed or bribed.

This is transparent folks. All of it.


And now, for the whopper of the day from pharaoh Americana:

ISIS is not islamic.

And I suppose the Irish Republican Army wasn’t Irish either. ;)

** Note: I am not equating the two by any means. My grandfather and great uncle were members of the IRA.

BTW, a former muslim disagrees with Barry’s latest lie. He says muslims are taught by mohammed to behead the ‘infidel’ and kill or enslave all prisoners (considering Barry’s reported expertise in koranic recitation, you’d think he’d recall that verse). -

Ooooh! But the ‘president’ assured us that ALL OF THE WEAPONS he was sending to (Al Qaeda-linked) Syrian rebels were going to stay in the hands of ‘nice’ islamists.

This is such treasonous nonsense.

Barry took down Ghaddafi and Mubarak. These actions have set the middle east on fire and installed islamofascists in each region. Now, he wants to remove Assad. Um…this only opens a major weapons cache to jihadists which will further destabilize the world.

In July, several factions within the Free Syrian Army decided to pledge allegiance to the Islamic State terror group.

The Obama administration has over the past couple years delivered weapons and supplies to the Free Syrian Army. According to intelligence assessments, the United States has trained some 20,000 FSA fighters. The administration reportedly has provided FSA with small arms, assault rifles, shoulder-fired rocket-propelled grenades, and TOW anti-tank missiles. A US official told the NY Daily News that the Central Intelligence Agency was training the FSA on how to use the weapons that the US had agreed to distribute.

Enterovirus D-68

Enterovirus D-68

As we witness the sudden phenomenon of a ‘new virus’ overtaking many of the youth in our country, it will be interesting to see if Americans have ANY long term memory whatsoever. This may even be considered short term memory…

From July:

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From Dean Garrison, DC Clothesline

Ever heard of E-Verify?

Most employers have. E-Verify is a free verification system under the umbrella of theDepartment of Homeland Security. Registered employers can use this system to make sure that job applicants are eligible for employment. 

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