Jihadists? Or Demons?

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There is not even one day that goes by now that I don’t sit at the computer with tears in my eyes.  Story after story and report after report of human rights abuses so intense and evil that you can feel your heart breaking, and your soul restless.  Another woman has been murdered.  This time in Syria.  She was stoned to death for a charge of adultery.  Her executioner with her father’s blessing asked her for her last words and she said this:   “I advise every woman to protect her honor more than her life,” she says. And I ask every man, before he marries off his daughter, to scrutinize her new marital environment.” (More)

This inhuman, vulgar and demoniacal ideology and the demons that carry it out is beyond belief.  But it is happening.   These demons that the world has named ‘jihadists’  or ‘ extremists’…

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We’re not only giving arms to islamists (or…’ISIS’), we’re actually GIVING humanitarian AID TO THEM NOW!

I’m really starting to think our government HAS been overthrown by covert jihadists – namely Barry, (IRANIAN) Valerie Jarrett, and all the muslim brotherhood members they’ve appointed. Most of the country is either too mentally challenged or in complete denial due to the terrifying nature of such a situation. It is all VERY TRANSPARENT though.


Meanwhile, Christians and minorities in the MidEast are suffering horrifically while America REFUSES TO RECOGNIZE the outrageous acts of our federal government, both directly, and in acts of grave omission, enabling a genocide by muslims and a rising islamic caliphate.

It’s like a horror show….especially for the poor people suffering at the hands of these murderers.

It’s a perilous time…and not aggressively arming the Kurds and the Christians is a grave sin of omission led by America’s first muslim ‘president.’ Word from Iraq is that people fighting these ISIS members think our ‘president’ is actually HELPING THE JIHADISTS. And other reports claim China also views him as a traitor to the United States.

The ‘president’ remains committed to open borders while allowing flights of 150 people a day from a plague hot-zone in West Africa.

Do you think he just hates us?

His approval rate is in the 70’s among muslims.
Ever wonder why?


And it’s up to us to destroy liberalism…before it destroys us.


…demons direct this agenda…and the fascist system of islam too (whether muslims realize it or not).

Originally posted on 'I Am NOT Ashamed of the Gospel of Christ!':

I have been reading the reports from the captives that have escaped ISIS control, the young girls who testify to rape and slavery, forced conversions and forced marriages.  One recent report quoted the young girl that escaped as saying that they were all taken to a wedding and made to look like happy brides where they threw sweets at them and danced and fired their rifles in the air.  She said that the commander kept the most beautiful for himself.  Now Obama and others would have us believe that this is not of any religion.  I do agree that this is not from God, but I have a few facts that show that this behavior is indeed part of ‘their’ religion.  In fact here are some facts about the women that the founder of Islam took for himself, as wives or concubines:

  • Rayhana bint Zayd ibn Amr :…

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The film is due to be released on October 24th.

We can only wonder: How many people will buy Ouija boards out of sheer curiousity and begin communicating with demons?

Pray for our young people.

The toy company that holds the rights to the board is actually part of the production group, which leads me to believe they are hoping for board sales as well as box office profits.
If such sales are a (super)natural outgrowth of this film, the summoning of evil spirits in the United States will bring more trouble to our country, which is already under intense satanic attack.

More on the dangers of the Ouija board:

In a multi-part series detailing the dangers of using the Ouija board, Dr. John Ankerberg and Dr. John Weldon list even more experts who warn people away from this dangerous game.

They cite the testimony of medium Carl Wickland, M.D. who referred to his own encounters with the board when he wrote of “the cases of several persons whose seemingly harmless experiences with automatic writing and the ouija board resulted in such wild insanity that commitment to asylums was necessitated.”

The series also refers to the findings of psychic researchers Ed and Lorraine Warren who came upon a house where a Ouija board was being used that became “infested” with evil spirits.


From Catholic mystic Maria Esperanza:

“I am going to give you a remedy for the illness of infants (and small children}. You must take the leaves from the hawthorn plant and steep them into a tea for 8 minutes. Then administer the tea orally to the infant {or child} 1/4 cup at a time, continually throughout the day and night, until the ravages of the illness subside. The symptoms will be flu-like, with a high fever, purple-blackened color to the lips, jerking and flailing like convulsions.”


And here’s much more on the subject from a past post….

This man will do whatever it takes to protect the White House grounds from being invaded and himself from possibly being harmed but refuses to protect this nation from invasion and the people from being harmed. He has spouted a welcome message to illegal aliens, including criminals, drug cartels and those who seek handouts, to come across our “open and unguarded” border. Criminal activity along our border towns has increased with sheriffs of the border counties petitioning the government for assistance while offering solutions to the continued crisis. The DIC has ordered the release of illegal alien criminals, dumped thousands of illegal alien invaders into our communities and cities, offered passports and social security numbers to these criminal crossers and allowed the spread of communicable diseases being brought into the country by these illegals.

Folks, I think many Americans (Including many conservatives) are suffering from what is known as Stockholm Syndrome.

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